Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Natural Curiosities

This collection was made for my degree show project. They are inspired by my fascination with natural form and my love of drawing and painting. When I paint plants, I change the colour and form merging them with each other and with my imagination therefore creating otherworldly, plant like forms. I bring my paintings to life by using a vairety of gauges of silver wire to create structures and silver art clay accents that have contrasting textural qualities. I also add hints of paint to reflect the colour and brush strokes within the paintings.

The brooches can be worn or displayed on the paintings as though they are emerging from them.

They are on show at Sheffield Hallam University (Sheaf Building) till the 19th June 2010 and will be on show at New Designers in London from 1st July - 4th July.

My friend Emma modelling my second brooch

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