Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Rings and neckpiece

Photo of my neckpiece, the first piece I made. It is more wearable and comfortable to than it looks. Hopefully will get more photos of it being worn. Materials - Silver, acrylic paint, clear plastidip, heatformed organza.

This ring is also made from silver and enamel paint. It is created using silver art clay formed over cork clay which burns out in the kiln and is then attached to the ring. The middle stamen like part moves side to side.

The ring below is made similarly to the ring above with the silver art clay. It also has heat formed organza inside, poking out of the top.

The ring below is made from sterling silver wires soldered together with silver art clay fused onto the ends. It then as gold enamel paint accents.

The ring below is made from silver.

Another photo of my neckpiece

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