Sunday, 10 February 2013

H is for Handmade/'Intertwined' 2011

This piece (that I have recently re-taken photos of me wearing) is all about celebrating handmade and questions jewellery as an art form. The neckpiece looks as though it as emerged from the painting. While it is being worn, the painting can be displayed on its own.
It is inspired by nature combined with my imagination creating plant like forms that don’t exist in the real world,
Painting – Acrylic paint, watercolour and ink on paper in wooden frame with Plexiglas acrylic, a layer of tracing paper and stainless steel hooks.
Neckpiece – Sterling silver, silver art clay (99.9% pure silver), pebeo glass paint and enamel paint.

A picture a day, experiments...

These are quick pictures that I did in the new year, trying to do one each day whilst the snow was around and I couldn't get into the workshop. Its all a bit random and experimental. All on A2 paper

Another Self Portrait

So I painted another self portrait in the hope of improving it. Theres also a lot going on in the background. Some of its about past and current interests/hobbies but theres also hidden meaning to a lot of it and some of it symbolises things.